Say hello to new Instructor Marlina!


I’m Marlina and I’m pretty new to the cake world as a working professional but I have been baking my heart out since I was a little girl and I’m super excited to be here!

I live in the USA in San Jose, California which is most notable for being crazy fast paced and close to the heart of the tech industry. I’ve spent the whole of my adult life working in the medical field from medical administration to nursing and for the past 5 years or so have been working in social work.

In 2016 I had my second beautiful baby boy which was where my cake decorating was kind of born as well! After delivering I had a particularly difficult case of Postpartum depression and was searching for something to help distract me so I started planning my sons first birthday cake like a madwoman! The cake I wanted was pretty detailed and when I got the quote for it I just remember thinking…what if I could do that? And just like that I went and bought my first pack of fondant and have honestly been rolling it out since!

In 2017 I decided to open an online shop to sell my cake toppers through Etsy and thus my shop ‘Tippity Toppity Treats’ was born! The name is a head nod to Disney (I’m a bit of a Disney fanatic) think ‘Bippity Boppity Boo’. After working tirelessly for the first year to build a solid inventory I now have well over 100 toppers in my shop and have tripled my sales volume year to date. I ship nationwide with a huge base of my sales going to the East Coast! My business is home based now but I have so many aspirations to branch out and grow and with the support of my loving husband and family I’m hoping to one day take that plunge and leave my full time job and make the cake topping business my only business!

Check out some of my work!

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